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"Enlightened enterprises create sustainable widely shared prosperity measured in terms of human flourishing and wellbeing, so that all may live  dignified lives - which is their right"  

Paul Barnett
Enlightened Enterprise Institute
Enlightened Enterprise Academy
Enlightened Enterprise Media 


An enlightened approach to enterprise recognises that the purpose of any business or organisation in any sector (private, public, government or not-for-profit) should be the creation of value. And value should be defined as contributions to sustainable widely shared prosperity, measured in terms of human flouring and wellbeing, so that all may live dignified lives - which is their right.

Adopting an enlightened approach to enterprise. earns organisations the right to operate, which society grants them. And it earns commercial businesses and their owners the right to earn a reasonable returns. Enlightened Enterprises see themselves as value creation systems and recognise that value must be created equitably, for all those upon whom they depend to achieve long-term success.

These are some of the core principles of Enlightened Enterprise. More will be published as news items. They will also be explored in online events, and in The Age of Angst, a book by Paul Barnett which will also make the case that we need a New Enlightenment.   


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The Enlightened Enterprise Institute is focused on advancing intellectual and practical wisdom in support of the widescale adoption of Enlightened Enterprise practices by all organisations in all sectors. 


The Enlightened Enterprise Academy aims to establish a wide-scale appreciation of the enlightened approaches to enterprise. It will also support the development of the capabilities individuals and organisations need to put the Enlightened Enterprise approaches into practice.



Enlightened Enterprise Media is a multi-media publishing platform designed to support the institute and the academy. It will publish content generated by the faculty members and others, if it is deemed to be consistent with our objectives. 


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The Enlightened Enterprise Hub supports the development of the community of people who support the aims and objectives we advocate, plus the programmes and initiatives we offer. It is the place to get all the news, and to network with like-minded people. 

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