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The Enlightened Enterprise Academy offers a growing range of programmes designed for directors and executives of businesses and organisations of all types in all sectors. They are delivered entirely online to reach a global audience, and are priced to be affordable to audiences in all nations.. 

Each programme offers a mix of pre-recorded content and resources in multi-media formats, plus weekly live-streamed dialogues with subject matter experts and practitioners. The live sessions are also recorded and all the content is available for at least one year after the programme ends. We know participants are busy people, so we designed our programmes accordingly. We are also developing customised versions of several programmes for specific audiences and for corporate clients..


All our programmes are presented via our platform which supports the growing community of people who support our goals, and who wish to learn from, and interact with, a global network of like minded people in their peer groups. Details of when the courses will run next can be found in the News section. Here are some of the courses already on offer:    

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Critical Systems Thinking and the Management of Complexity is designed to help participants overcome their "systems thinking capabilities gaps," a major obstacle to the effective governance and manage.

Given the complex nature of a growing number of organisations and the environments in which they operate, systems thinking capabilities are essential for decision making, strategic management, operations,  project management, risk management and other functions..

The programme introduces all the main systems thinking approaches and explains the strengths and weaknesses of each given specific types of problem situations. 

Mike Jackson is author of the book with the same title as the programme, and he is an internationally respected authority on the topic. Full Details

Rethinking Reputation Risk: From Values to Value has been developed in association with Dr Elliot Schreiber, author of The Yin & Yang of Reputation Management: Eight Principles for Strategic Stakeholder Value Creation and Risk Management, recently published by Enlightened Enterprise Media. This programme is based on the book.

He is one of the world’s most experienced and knowledgeable experts in brand, reputation, and risk. And he is unique in having moved successfully in and out of the corporate, academic, and consulting worlds during a 45-year career, giving him the unique perspective as member of corporate executive committees, advising global CEOs and boards, and conducting academic research.

This programme will help you connect the dots you may not have realised need to be connected to have an organisation that is the most reputable amongst its peers. Full Details

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Leading With Dignity Has been developed in association with Dr Donna Hicks, a Harvard professor and author of Dignity and Leading with Dignity, This programme is based on her Leading With Dignity Book. 


Donna has taught courses in conflict resolution at Harvard, Clark, and Columbia Universities and conducts trainings and educational seminars in the US and abroad on the role dignity plays in healing and reconciling relationships in conflict as well as dignity leadership training. She worked extensively on the Israeli/Palestinian conflict and as a member of the third party in numerous unofficial diplomatic efforts. In addition to her work in the Middle East, Dr. Hicks founded and co-directed a ten-year project in Sri Lanka.  She has also worked on the conflicts in Northern Ireland and Colombia and conducted several US/Cuba dialogues. And she she co-facilitated encounters between victims and perpetrators of the Northern Irish conflict with Archbishop Desmond Tutu Full Details


Flat Fluid Flexible: How To Be A 21st Century Organisation & Avoid The Pitfalls explains how "hierarchies and bureaucracy kill innovation and make organisations inefficient and slow. Flattening those hierarchies and distributing leadership and initiative is becoming unavoidable in a world of systemic challenges and existential risks to whole industries and economies."

Frederick is currently working on his book which will have the same title as the programme. It will be published by Enlightened Enterprise Media in 2024. It will be the book to accompany the program, and it follows the same structure as the programme.,

He holds a PhD in Economics from the University of Zurich and has 15 years of researching, consulting, and teaching experience at leading institutions globally, including the University of California at Berkeley, Yale University, and the University of Cambridge.  Full Details


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