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The Enlightened Enterprise Institute, to be launched in 2023, is focused on advancing intellectual and practical wisdom in support of the widescale adoption of Enlightened Enterprise practices by all organisations in all sectors. 

It is governed by a Board, Executive, and Advisory Council. They will propose, oversee, and implement all the institute's activities including the Research Programmes, Event Programmes, Publications agenda and other initiatives.


A focal point of all our activities is the annual Enlightened Enterprise Festival which will be inaugurated in 2024. It will bring together, celebrate and showcase, the activities of the Institute in the previous year. And it will introduce the planned activities for the following year. 

The Institute will also work closely with the Enlightened Enterprise Academy which will offer Executive Programmes and Enterprise Solutions to help facilitate the adoption of the Enlightened Enterprise practices we advocate within businesses and organisations of all types and in all sectors - private, public, government, not-for-profit, etc.    

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