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Enlightened Enterprise News

Updated: Mar 17, 2023

Preparing to Scale-Up

We are in the process of updating and consolidating our websites to support our scale-up plans. Each of the domain names associated with our various initiatives will all point to the new Enlightened Enterprise site. From it you can access details of all the activities and news associated with the Institute (launching later this year), the Academy and our multi-media publishing platform.

The Institute, Academy and Multi-Media Platform

Whilst the Institute will not be launched until later this year, the Academy is already very active, as is Enlightened Enterprise Media. The first book has already been published and a range of media resources have been created for our executive programmes.

Three Executive Programmes For the Autumn

Whilst much more content will be added soon, I would like to draw your attention to the Executive Programmes. Applications are now being accepted for the three programmes starting in September. They include the third cohort of the “Critical Systems Thinking and the Management of Complexity” (beginning September 26th). Plus the inauguration of the programmes: “Rethinking Reputation Risk: From Values to Value” (beginning September 14th), and “Flat Fluid Flexible: How To Be A 21st Century Organisation & Avoid The Pitfalls” programme (beginning September 13th). DETAILS

Leading with Dignity

To add to the above programmes, I will soon announce the date we will start the second cohort of the Leading with Dignity programme with Harvard professor Donna Hicks. For details email me:

Affordable Programmes for Busy People

These programmes are designed for directors and executives of businesses and organisations of all types in all sectors. They are delivered entirely online for a global audience, and they are priced to be affordable to audiences in all nations.

Each programme offers a mix of pre-recorded content and resources in multi-media formats, plus weekly live-streamed dialogues with subject matter experts and practitioners. The live sessions are also recorded, and all the content is available for at least one year after the programme ends. We know participants in our programmes are busy people, so we designed them with that in mind. DETAILS

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