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"The enlightened Enterprise Academy has always intended to be accessible to a global audience. With that goal in mind, I am delighted to announce a new pricing policy for our online programmes. They will be more accessible wherever you live in the world, but the price you pay will depend on where you live."

Our standard rate for the 8 week programme is £800 and applies to delegates in high income countries. These will be discounted by:

  • 25% for Upper-Middle Income Economies

  • 50% for Lower-Middle Income Economies

  • 75% for Low Income Economies

* Based on World Bank classifications

To check the discount rate applies in your country of residence, see the list below:

Regardless of the price that applies to you, you will also have the option to spread the costs using an instalment plan if you wish.

A student discount of 50% will apply in any country (proof will be required).

In addition to these discount, partial scholarships are available to any person in any country in exceptional circumstances.

These policy changes are in-keeping with the purpose the Enlightened Enterprise Academy encourages all businesses and organisations to adopt, “the creation of value as contributions to sustainable widely shared prosperity measured in terms of human flourishing and wellbeing,” so all might be able to live a life of dignity which is their right.

If you have any questions please contact us

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