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The Enlightened Enterprise Academy, in association with the faculty of the Enlightened Enterprise Institute, offers a range of Director and Executive Programmes and Products.


All are offered as online for open enrollment and some are offered either online or off-line privately to businesses and organisations. 

All our programmes include a blend of pre-recorded content in a variety of media formats, plus live online sessions. The private programmes may also include face-to-face sessions. 

The programmes come in modules that are usually released weekly, lasting between eight and twelve weeks. They have been developed by the Enlightened Enterprise Academy and Enlightened Enterprise Media in association with internationally recognised subject matter experts. Many are senior academics, but all members of the faculty have deep insights from putting their thinking into practice in the real world - they share both intellectual and practical wisdom.  

Given the size and complexity of today's businesses and organisations, and of the environments in which they operate, we know that few boards and executive teams have all the knowledge they need, when they need it. The Enlightened Enterprise Academy offers two solutions: DETAILS



In addition to the programmes already mentioned we also offer Director Dialogues and Executive Dialogues. They are offered as pre-recorded 90 minute videos featuring subject matter experts in facilitated dialogues about known to be of great concern to boards or executives. They can be accessed individually for a one-off payment, or as a series on subscription. For a premium, they can be blended with live online sessions or, in some cases, in-person private meetings. And most are related to the Director and Executive Programmes, so topics can be explored more deeply after a dialogue if required. DETAILS


Finally, we offer Director and Executive pre-recorded video briefings on a wide range of hot topics, hot-topics, in the form of report-like presentations by experts. They are intended to inform individual Directors and Executives, or boards of directors and executive teams. They are also available individually, or as a series on subscription, and may be blended with live online sessions or, in some cases, in-person private meetings for a premium. DETAILS 

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