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Tomorrow's Healthcare

The Tomorrow's Healthcare Special Interest Group will build on a deep-dive programme we are currently running to explore the importance of systems thinking in healthcare. 

With a focus on systems thinking, futures thinking, and strategic thinking, the Tomorrow's Healthcare Special Interest Group (SIG) will focus on ways to integrate health and care systems effectively. Why? Because an integrated approach to healthcare seems to be an ambition of many governments in many countries, and represents an important way of enhancing quality of life.


This is especially true because in almost every country people are living longer. This increased longevity is good news, of course. But quality of life matters as much as length of life, and an aging population will have greater health and care needs if later years are to be enjoyed. The cost pressures of aging populations on healthcare systems must also be managed effectively.

A huge number of technological advances offer the potential for transformational improvements in health and care treatments, and in the delivery of services. But their cost will intensify problematic healthcare inequalities unless we take new approaches to the way they are managed.

Radically different ways of thinking about the design and operation of healthcare systems are also essential. And a whole systems approach must be taken if risks are to be mitigated and opportunities fully realised. These are some of the issues the Tomorrow's Healthcare SIG will address. For Details Email

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