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Our practice focused faculty of experienced leaders and academics can offer a wide range of advisory services to directors and leaders. 

The faculty of the Enlightened Enterprise Academy include experienced senior executives from a broad range of industries and sectors, and have knowledge that covers a wide range of functions. Most have international experience, and they are located in many parts of the world.

The faculty also includes senior academics who have an interest in, and experience of, 'the real world' beyond academia.


All the members of the faculty understand what we mean by Enlightened Enterprise and support our ambitions. They are all primarily driven by a desire to make a positive impact on the world.


Many faculty members offer advisory services to a range of clients and we can facilitate introductions to them should you require their advice. 


With our faculty members we are also developing a range of advisory based products and services. They include Director Dialogues, Retreats and Briefings for board members, Executive Dialogues, Retreats and Briefings for leaders.


These products and services are offered on an open enrollment or private basis. Many can also be customised for a particular industry, sector or client.

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