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Working from Home


Outdates management thinking, methods and tools mean many leaders are not equipped to deal with today's challenges. Our programmes are designed to help leaders develop the capabilities they now need. 

With our experienced faculty of practitioners and academics we have created a range of learning products and services doe directors and executives including Briefings, Dialogues, Retreats, Workshops, Study Tours, Forums, and Research Programmes. These are in addition to the multi-week programmes on a range of topics, from short Introductory Programmes to longer Exploratory Programmes and project based Deep-Dive Programmes over six months.

All our programmes aim to support directors and executives that recognise the old ways no longer work given our 21st century challenges. They know a New Enlightenment is the paradigm shift that is needed if we are to transcend our collective existential crisis, and if they are to overcome the scale and frequency of the crises many organisations are experiencing.

Details of all our learning products will be available soon. In the meantime check the news for updates.   


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